Devon Baldwin

Devon Baldwin is a Bay Area native singer and songwriter, who also happens to love drinking whiskey, eating avocados in all their many forms, and documenting all of the above on her food and lifestyle blog.

Hero Music Video

I am so stoked to announce the release of my FIRST EVER MUSIC VIDEO for my song 'Hero', directed by the one and only Bobby Bruderle.

Watch Galore Magazine's exclusive premiere by clicking here.

Bobby and I showed up at a friend's ranch with absolutely no concept for the video, we just hoped to capture the natural beauty of the landscape in a way that fit the mood of the song. Somehow that resulted in me sitting on the edge of a 1970's Austrian military truck and singing the song two times faster than the original. I'm really glad I didn't fall off the back, and I'm so excited to share it with y'all, I hope you like it!!

Thank you for all your support. LOVE YALL


This Christmas

Happy holidays y'all! I never thought I'd say this, but for this month's release I wrote a Christmas song (I know, wtf?), it's a very simple happy/sad vibe song called, ‘This Christmas’. I wrote it from the perspective of Wendy from Peter Pan, who wants to runaway to Neverland but can’t remember the way on her own. I hope you like it. Shoutout to my mom on piano. 

Dead of Night

The 21st has arrived again! (I know wtf where did this month go?) My newest song, 'Dead of Night' is the third installment of my "new-song-every-month-on-the-21st" project. I wrote this song by freestyling over a loop of the opening guitar melody for 5 minutes or so. I'd had a long day of anxiety and panic attacks (fun right?), and the lyrics and melodies just sort of presented themselves as I recorded. I usually don't know what my songs are about until several months after I write them, but I think this one is about recognizing that we have the power, ability, and responsibility to ourselves to decide and construct who we are. It's about the desire to feel comfortable and confident in who you are, the decisions that you make, and the people that you surround yourself with at the end of the day. I hope you enjoy it...if you do please tell a friend to tell a friend.


My best friend, Stephanie, and I made reservations at Shaya over a month in advance. A James Beard-winning Israeli restaurant in New Orleans with a gorgeous back patio and endless (yes, ENDLESS) wood-fired fresh pita bread is something you plan for. When it came time to confirm our reservation we were reminded that we booked it for 6 people in hopeful anticipation that our many New Orleans friends would come flocking to the table—but as it turned out we had no such additional friends, so it was just us (#nonewfriends?). I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Shaya several times in the past so I knew the drill: you’re gonna need some room for that pita bread, because you are not going to stop eating it. This is literally the best pita I’ve ever had the privilege of being in the presence of, so we ordered the baba ganoush, labneh, and ikra to transform the pita into an edible mop. My favorite of the three was definitely the ikra, a yogurt spread topped with paddlefish caviar (YES) and shallots. In addition, we ordered the lamb ragú hummus with crispy shallots, and the pita mopping continued. By the third or fourth steaming pita that was plopped in front of us without any request necessary, we were the most full we had ever been, yet still eager to devour the last dish we ordered: the falafel plate with an unreasonably good cabbage salad and cucumber tzatziki. The falafels were perfectly cooked and seasoned: brown and crisped on the outside and soft and green on the inside; the tzatziki was as cool and refreshing as it should be. We left with a huge box of leftovers (including some extra pita bread of course) that did not survive the night…and I’m literally still craving it right now. Anyone know any good Israeli restaurants in the Bay Area?

Soundtrack: Trouble - Cage The Elephant

What now? 11.8.16

I don’t know where to start. I feel such shame and embarrassment on behalf of my country today. There should never be a place or time when a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, inexperienced, narcissist is the leader of any country—and yet here we are—so what now? Now that we have seen hatred and violence bring this person into power, now that that same hatred and violence has been validated through his election—what do we do? What can we do? I am disheartened, I am angry, but I will not respond with more negativity. It’s time for us to come together to prove once and for all that love can and will trump hate. It’s time to step out from behind our computer and phone screens and become human again, it’s time to engage in the reality we live in and take responsibility for the half of our country who think that bigotry, intolerance, and greed are the American ideals. It’s time for meaningful art, it’s time to take action and stand up for our beliefs and our rights—and we have to do this with love and compassion now more than ever. I stand with women, with immigrants, with minorities, with Muslims, with the LGBTQ community, and with the environment. Love and strength are all we have left to give.